How To Destroy Your Wealth In 7 Easy Steps

The fear of many wealthy individuals is the continuation and legacy of their wealth and the ability to transfer the wealth from generation to generation. In a recent article from Forbes titled, How To Destroy Your Wealth In 7 Easy Steps, seven common mistakes wealthy individuals make that become detrimental to the longevity of their wealth are brought to light. The seven main points are:

1. Chasing top-performing money managers and markets

2. Putting more money into the asset that made you wealthy

3. Overspending

4. Focusing only on pre-tax investment returns

5. Failing to manage the risks in your financial situation beyond your investment portfolio 

6. Leaving yourself open to being stolen from by people you know and people you don’t 

7. Financially enabling next generation family members well into adulthood 

To see the full article and explore the reasoning behind the seven reasons listed about click here.

As each case is its own the above must be viewed as the most common collective issues, as they do not adversely affect all. That is why it is so important that each client is catered to and has a financial plan that tailors to best suit their needs and lifestyle.

Integrity Financial Corporation offers a holistic approach to legacy planning and wealth management that is unique and unparallel. Integrity Financial Corporation is a boutique firm driven by understanding client needs and creating genuine, lasting, relationships between advisors and clients. We aid in the process of leaving a legacy comprised of both tangible assets, but also intangible values and memories. We strive to work with families for an effective transfer of wealth from generation to generation to aid in the longevity of wealth across countless generations as well as the longevity of family business if applicable. The holistic approach caters to the family and the importance of communication and education, as well as a shared family vision.

At Integrity Financial Corporation, our clients can expect to receive personalized service and expertise, built on a foundation of trust. To contact an advisor and discuss planning your financial legacy, please call us at 1.800.794.4015 or visit our website at