Why a Part-Time Job Will Improve Your Retirement

I recently read a great article at Yahoo Finance by David Ning | U.S.News & World Report LP. Please see below.

To some people, working even one more minute after retirement sounds awful. But there are tremendous benefits to staying in the workforce, even if you don’t care about the extra income. Consider these improvements to your retired life if you keep working part time:

A little bit of work will keep your mind sharp. Our brain needs exercise as much as every other body part. A part-time job could give you challenges and interaction that may be stimulating. The combination of knowing you don’t need the work and a reduced workload is likely to have you feeling happier about work projects. You may even be able to choose projects that interest you.

The extra cash doesn’t hurt. You may or may not need the income, but some extra cash can’t hurt. You can always choose to donate the money, which will make you feel good and help someone in need. You could also spend the money your part-time work brings in on something discretionary that’s just for you.

Stay connected to the industry. Many people spend decades in the same industry, and it’s hard to suddenly leave everything behind and disconnect yourself from what is happening within the field. If you find complete detachment hard to adjust to, part-time work allows you to continue to play a role while also transitioning into a more relaxed lifestyle.

To read more, please visit the Yahoo Finance article link.

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